A Day at Sea With a New Freediver

Adam Mooney, freediving, ascending from depth

It is a rare treat for the instructor to have a student who just gets it.

It is not so rare for that student to have an interest in content beyond the core contents, but to also have the time to actually go into that world beyond the essentials – that enriches our lives so much and makes all the difference between simply performing skills and learning to apply freediving skills in rest-of-life – that is exceptional. One of those lucky days.

Adam Mooney made the experience that the work has put into his education and his fitness in the past paid off in his beginner freediving course with We Freedive. And I was lucky enough to have a one-on-one course with Adam who displayed a propensity to ask questions beyond the ordinary that allowed me to think in more depth about things that had been made sufficiently clear to other people.

An engineering mind set, the understanding that the course contents are relevant beyond putting numbers on a dive watch, and the goal to learn made for a memorable course indeed.

Said course ended with an extended range snorkelling session, exploring a little wreck in a bay we frequent at times. – Here are some impressions.

The Character Captures Project



When our beloved Twinkle died unexpectedly in 2012, I  began to read into photography more seriously.

Soon it turned out that I enjoyed taking animal portraits – the Character Captures project was born; to provide quality portraits of pets in particular, but really, animals in general. Continue reading “The Character Captures Project”

Thailand could be Beautiful

Monk's Walk by Richard Wonka

The moment I took this picture, I knew that this was a special and beautiful moment. One of many. And the Power lines in the background kept bugging me for a long time.
When the picture had won its (and my) first photo contest, I wanted to see just how good it could be without the eye-sore. Thailand has beauty in many ways, but city- and infrastructure planning (or the lack thereof?) gets in the way of a lot of it.

So here it goes – Imagine Thailand Beautiful.

Don’t you wish Thailand could look like this?